4.1 Earphones – New Bluetooth KLIM Pulse Ps4 Gold Headset Not Connecting



?PREMIUM AUDIO QUALITY. We designed earphones which offer an unbeatable audio quality given their price tag. We are being honest, they may not feature the same quality as $300 earphones. However, while many brands make you pay for their associated marketing costs, we prefer to keep our prices low and let the product do the talking. Our engineers fine-tuned the audio quality in order for you to experience your favorite music at the fullest.

?RISK FREE PURCHASE. KLIM Pulse are sold with a 2 years warranty, a rare duration for earphones. Our engineers focused on our earbuds’ durability, a detail which is too often neglected. We are an European team, if you have any trouble you will be able to get an answer from our customer service in English within 24 hours.

?NEXT GENERATION TIPS. Gone is the era of simple earphone tips. We developed memory foam tips, which means they will be fit perfectly within your ears. They’ll be extremely comfortable and won’t budge, even when you work or you are doing sports. They also offer noise insulation, which allows you to enjoy music at the fullest without being disturbed by external noise.

?SIMPLE AND COMPATIBLE. A user guide in your language will be included, however these earphones are very easy to use. You can enjoy them 10 seconds after you receive them. They are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices (which includes all phones and laptops).

?COMPLETE EARPHONES. KLIM Pulse has 6 hours battery for an uninterrupted listening. Thanks to their magnetic tips, you can easily snap them together. You’ll find 12 different tips of all sizes and fabrics within the package, in order to find the one which perfectly fits your ear.

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