Afterglow Headset Lvl 1 Sports- Grade Sweat- Proof Headphones LEZI Wireless Bluetooth Headset



Sports-grade sweat-proof headphones: Sports Bluetooth headphones pass sports-grade waterproof test, suitable for you to exercise in different environments, whether it is gym or outdoor long-distance running, it can accompany you

Micro-adjustable earphone design: comfortable to wear, not easy to fall off, the ear hook is made of soft rubber material with flexible and slow rebound characteristics, which will automatically bounce back to the back of the ear when worn.

Support for connecting two mobile phones: Within the effective connection range of 10 meters, you can connect 2 mobile phones at the same time, you can exchange and listen at will, no need to configure multiple headphones

Multi-function button: answer/reject the call with one button; answer, reject, play, pause, and get one button; the volume of the previous song and the next song is reduced, and it is convenient for your sports and fitness all the time.

A2DP wireless stereo: independent sound cavity structure, which can effectively separate the interference of sound waves before and after motion, making the dynamic sound clearer and more distinct in the sound performance level.

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