Astro Wireless Headset Xbox One Charging Bins TWS Ears Bluetooth Headset



5D surrounds the stereo sound effect. The large capacity 3000 mA charging bin can charge the hand maple.

Classic color matching emerges with fashion style, mysterious and gentleman’s black, passionate and unrestrained red, classic outline appearance, always exuding aristocratic atmosphere.

No need to press hard, button directly, open the hatch easily, smaller, lighter and more compact, bag pockets are free to move at any time.

The dual noise reduction technology of CVC8.0 and DSP is used to actively filter the ambient noise and pick up the sound with sensitive microphone to make the call like face-to-face.

It can not only charge the mobile phone, but also give the mobile phone emergency endurance to get rid of the embarrassment that the mobile phone is powerless.

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