Bass Driven Sound Razer Headset Noise Isolating Earbuds Betron AX1 Earphones



Supreme Sound: The sound quality is pitch perfect and clear, delivering a strong audio experience; The AX1 earphones provide perfect listening pleasure for music, video or phone calls; Enjoy crystal clear, top audio performance with surging bass

Noise Isolation: The headphones eliminate outside noise to keep your music crystal clear; The in ear design reduces background noise significantly, while achieving optimum music playback; Listen to your favourite tracks during work, travel, and relaxation

Premium Materials: An art of craftsmanship, the earphones include metal housing and a tangle free reinforced cable, making them more durable; The AX1 comes with a gold plated audio connector to deliver great signal with maximum definition

Portable Comfort : Easy to slip in your pocket or backpack, these earphones also come with 3 sizes of silicon earbuds and will stay in place when you’re on the go; The AX1 also includes a cable clip for ultimate comfort; Take them with you everywhere

Built In Microphone: The AX1 comes with a built in microphone and remote so you are able to take and make calls on the go and have control over your audio volume and music; Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 Players, Android Devices, Tablets and more

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