Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset CVC Intelligent Noise Reduction HiFi Sports Headphones LEZI Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headset-



CVC intelligent noise reduction: We have upgraded from a single ear call to a binaural call, and the built-in noise reduction microphone 6mm quality drive unit in both ears makes the voice of the other party clearer and clearer.

Bluetooth 5.0: Upgrade the Bluetooth V5.0 chip. Fast connection, double transmission efficiency, longer transmission distance, lower power, and more stable wireless

HIFI high quality: T85 wireless headphone speaker is rich, round and delicate. Its high-pitched sound, mid-range vocals are full, and the bass is clean and not loose.

Independent button, one-button operation: One button for easy access, playback, pause, replay, power on/off, etc. Listening to music is completely controlled by you.

Charge your phone at any time: with a charging compartment, not only the headset, but also the phone

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