Best Surround Sound Gaming Headset Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth 4.1 Business Wireless



Bluetooth chip of 41 version is used. Downward compatibility of 4.0 and 30 protocol functions, compared with the old version compatibility, stability and other aspects have been greatly improved.

CSRv4.l processor, low power operation call, music and other tasks using new high energy density, high security polymer batteries, with low power smart power-saving chipset.

Professional tuning team knife-operated tuning; three-frequency balanced, medium frequency extension is good, bass clean, high frequency thick.

The use of noise reduction CVC6 digital noise reduction technology can intelligently eliminate the external noise during the call, and reduce the echo in the closed environment, bringing you a real high-definition call.

Support Chinese-English language switching, no need for manual reception, voice control YES or NO can be

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