Cat Ear Gaming Headset OEAR E-Sports Game Black Wheat Color



Ergonomic design: listening, starting from comfort, simple design, comfortable wearing, clearer listening

Technical highlights: metal wire drawing process, stereo surround channel, professional noise canceling technology, 40mm high fidelity speaker unit, clear separation of three frequencies, more powerful bass

Other designs: stereo surround channel surround sound system, multi-layer air damping technology, delayed reverberation, sound performance is more stretch and warm, shocking people.

Sound quality: professional esports headphones, listening to the sound of the position for the player, stereo surround channel, showing non-destructive quality sound, from high-pitched high-pitched, full of low bass, to natural and welcoming vocals.

Material: soft and comfortable earmuffs, inert memory foam filled inside the earmuffs, soft and delicate touch, excellent sound insulation, better perception and memory of your wearing habits, anti-violence head beam

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