Ear only 1.5mm Size Battery Compartment 2019 Best Gaming Headset 5.0 Headset



【Mini and compact】The mini is light, but the width is only 1.5cm, it is small and comfortable, and it does not feel painful to wear for a long time.

【Intelligent noise reduction】 Effectively shield environmental noise, and intelligent noise reduction eliminates surrounding interference, making calls clearer.

【Professional tuning, enjoy music】6mm dynamic composite membrane speaker, excellent sound quality, balanced mid-range and high pitch, strong three-dimensional effect, you can enjoy the charm of music in the concert.

【Fingerprint touch】 There is no need to press, and the left and right earphones are equipped with touch keys. Controlling music, connecting to the phone, and waking up smart voice can be easily realized with one key, changing the traditional pressing mode and reducing more pressure on the ear canal.

[Quick switch between single ear and binaural mode] It solves the troublesome problem of switching between single ear and binaural in real wireless headphones. These headsets have built-in independent Bluetooth chips, and the left and right earphones can be connected separately and used separately. That is, monaural mode and binaural mode can be quickly switched, allowing you to experience incredible black technology.

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