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? HAOMEJA Music Headphone Good Sound , Boom ! Boom ! Boom ! ,deep bass sound ,midrange are smooth and clever ,high-pitched sounds clearest and excellent.These descriptions are the real feelings gained through overall product design and audio research and development.

? High-quality stereo experience: The headphones are carefully designed with a metal case and a high-grade wooden case. The headset uses a larger moving coil unit and a bio-fiber composite diaphragm. At the same time, the earphone has the advantages of light weight, fast response, high power, high definition and good bass performance. And considering that vocal music and all kinds of music can be played perfectly.

? Headphone sound quality test: The bass frequency of the earphone is low, the sound is honest, and the music expresses well. The string music used in the instrument and the soundtrack of the piano, the high-frequency performance of the headphones, the performance is clear. Based on vocal music, the mid-range performance of the headphones, the voice of the vocals is clear, and the details heard by the headphones will be more abundant.

? Headphone compatibility: Standard 3.5mm plug. The plug housing, the distributor housing, and the button housing are made of finely machined stainless steel metal. Ergonomically designed soft silicone rubber earplugs, earphones come in a variety of sizes and can be placed in the ear canal. The earphones are small and comfortable when wearing headphones. Headphones are compatible with all Apple devices, MP3, laptops, tablets, PCs and Android devices.

? Smart Control with Microphone: Play and pause music, answer and hang up, play the previous and next songs. High quality built microphone for clear conversations in any environment.

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