Gaming Headset 2019 2000mAH Phone Charging Charging Case Bluetooth Earbuds-5.0



?CVS NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: A-Buds Use consistent and good indicative MEWS silicon with OVC8.0 technology call voice quality clear fidelity.

?MINI CHARGING TREASURE: Headphone compartment battery capacity of 2000 mA, can either charge the phone or charge the headset, the headset charge 1 hour full, continuous use of listening mode about 4.5 hours.

?NEOTERIC DESIGN: Intelligent induction magnetic suction design is resistant to corrosion collisions and suction prevents the headset from falling off.

?Dual host transmission, master from switching technology, each is the main headset, pick up can answer, a docking is stereo.Slide up and down to open, using the powerful pull physics principle, pick up can be paired.

SENSITIVE TOUCHING: You can activate Siri in 2 seconds by touching the area on either side, and also support Android Smart Assistant.

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