GAX Mini Wireless Sports Car Bluetooth How To Pair Plantronics Headset Ear



This single-ear Bluetooth hands-free headset provides a quiet and comfortable listening experience. Specially designed with in-ear style to give you ultimate comfort and fit.

With stylish design and advanced technology, you will be cool and stylish once wearing it. VC 6.0 noise reduction, clear conversation, while liberating your hands, to maintain maximum comfort while looking good.

Stereo bass, superior sound quality, professional treble to create a wide range of electronic sounds, high-pitched sound, full midrange, deep bass.

Intelligent noise reduction, retaining good sound, using sophisticated small package components, exquisite and exquisite shape, deep noise reduction technology, so that the sound is better with your feet, the sound is coming, the music is wonderful to follow.

No wearing, skin-like, soft PU leather material, comfortable to weaken the wearing of the headphones, any posture and time are not hindered by music.

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