GZCRDZ True Wireless Stereo Earbuds Dual Bluetooth Headsets Logitech Zone Wireless Headset Bluetooth Headphones



Wireless separation of the two fuselage: discard the bundled wire, through the transmission chip in series, two mono headphones sound fusion conversion, to the ears more freedom, shock true wireless stereo enjoy.

Waterproof design, peace of mind: professional waterproof, to avoid equipment due to moisture or circuit water damage; wear it, enjoy sports, really waterproof, dare to sweat dripping.

Secure Fit and Comfort:ultra size, lightweight less than a coin, in-ear design fitting close and soft with ear canal-no worry about falling out of your ear; with different sized sweatproof earcaps (S/M/L) create a personalized and secure fit every time.

Touch function design: to replace the past, the form of complex buttons, switch to control the use of Bluetooth, powerful, easy to operate, convenient. Touch is so simple.

Small, comfortable, sport without burden: mini and small appearance, single headphones 5.3g light, wearing invisible no burden; human ear into the angle design and three sets of different sizes of earplugs, more comfortable, fit, a solid wear experience.

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