Headset Mic Splitter Bluetooth Headset V4.1 3 in 1 Wireless Stereo Neckband Sport Earbuds



【【Product Introduction: 】recorder Bluetooth headset, dual external amplifier speaker, camera, neck design, HD call, deep noise reduction, listening to music for 20 hours.

【Function: 】 the actual photography and video allows you to capture the surrounding situation in time, long standby, riding, driving, running are applicable.

【Video Shooting Only Needs a Key: 】 while enjoying music while cycling, you can also answer the phone and record the scenery along the way. It is very convenient and is a good helper for driving and cycling.

【Side Ear Design: 】 ergonomics, comfortable to wear, triple superimposed golden ratio, enjoy, 30 degree ear canal fit, 45 degree tilt into the ear.

【Magnetic Portable: 】 magnetic, convenient, no music, can be hung around the neck, wireless portable, do not need to worry about the headset line.

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