Headset Mini MXXQQ Bluetooth Wireless Sennheiser Wireless Headset Mic



Add intelligent LED power display, charge and discharge instructions, let you know more intuitively that the battery can predict the battery life.

Daily exercise will have a lot of sweat erosion. The high-intensity IPX7 waterproofing of the headphones makes the sweat and rain seamlessly accessible.

The ergonomic ear angle, combined with the soft and skin-friendly silicone material, gives you a comfortable experience from the inside out, and you won’t be tired for a whole day.

Complete the connection in an instant and pick up the headset to automatically power on, automatically connect to the Bluetooth pairing, automatically disconnect the Bluetooth and charge itself.

3500mAh charging cabin, battery life is powerful comparable to mobile charging treasure, not only the charging compartment of the headset can charge the mobile phone, black technology amazing battery life.

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