HiFi Bass Stereo Wireless Gaming Headset Reviews Bliiq Bluetooth Headphones



[ACCURATE & NATURAL SOUND] Looking for good quality sound and the best-in-class performance Sport Bluetooth headphones? Top-notch engineering noise cancellation designed, Bliiq earphones delivers comfort, accurate sound quality with High-Fidelity audio. Enjoy your favorite music and hear the detail, high clarity sound with rich bass.

[ERGONOMIC FLEX DESIGN] Sick of earbuds that keep falling? Bliiq replaces traditional earhook plastic foaming material with NEW (FLEX-design) elastic non-sticky sweat material, soft but secure and super comfy. Ultimately to achieve the perfect balance between wearing comfort and stability. The perfect headset for extreme sport activities like training, running, jogging, gym workouts, biking and hiking.

[AMBIENT MODE – EXTERNAL SOUND RECEIVER] Does it annoy you taking off earphones to hear external sounds? Bliiq’s Hummingbird’s revolutionary Ambient Mode takes care of this by controlling the surrounding sounds. Without taking off your noise cancellation earbuds, one simple click will enabled the Ambient Mode to start receiving external sound in real time like a conversation with a friend, traffic and flight announcements.

[AMAZING BATTERY LIFE] Don’t want to miss single moment of your favorite music in long journey ride? Bliiq’s Hummingbird is equipped powerful battery capacity that extends the playtime up to 14.5 hours of uninterrupted music on a full charge. Need fast charge headphones? With Bliiq’s Hummingbird’s quick charge feature, a 10 minute charge is equivalent up to 1 hour playback time.

[SPINFIT EAR TIPS] Did we tell you how much we care about the listening quality? For consumers’ superior listening experience, SPINFIT ear tips are included in the package. SPINFIT has a flexible core design allows the ear tip to be inserted deeper into the ear, enabling less obstructing along the sound field dispersion path.

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