Hyperx Cloud Headset Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Microphone Apple iPhone Siri



HANDS FREE – our handy bluetooth earbuds make your smartphones more functional wherever you go! You can easily answer and take phone calls regardless if you’re cooking or doing house chores. No need to figure out how you can workout while listening to your gym playlist and no more tangled headphone cords. Our wireless bluetooth earbuds will surely make you do things hands free easily and upbeat! Compared to other earpods and Bluetooth earphones, our product is a truly wirless earbuds

UPGRADED DIGITAL BATTERY DISPLAY – It uses low power signals thus Consumes very low energy and low battery usage. Attain a fully charged device in 2hours and use it up to 120hours! This is almost 5 days of nonstop music and talking! You can easily determine if your device needs to be charged before travelling and or before using it.

INTELLIGENT NOISE REDUCTION- loud noises and low level noise can lead to ear problems this is why we have equipped our wireless bluetooth earbuds with noise reduction features! It will provide additional reduction in noise! Unlike other Bluetooth headset or bluetoothe headphones that are contributes to tinnitus Moreover,? its frequency hopping technology avoids interferences from other wireless devices?

WATERPROOF – With a rating of IPX7 Waterproof – this ear buds can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes without worrying of sound quality or even a malfunctioning device! Unlike most EARPHONES in the marketplace, our EARPHONES are rated to protect against rain and perspiration. This means it’s not only made for relaxation or work, it’s made for sports and wellness too!

WIDE COMPATIBILITY – it’s compatible to be used with any Bluetooth enabled devices and even with Apple’s Siri! Moreover, the multi-functional charging case does not only charge your Bluetooth unit – it can even serve as a smartphone charger and holder too!

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