OEAR Stereo Headset All-Inclusive Wireless Headset Microphone Windscreen



Ergonomic design: comfortable to wear, simple design, cool design, listening, starting from comfort, clearer listening

Technical Highlights: Smart chip boosts 2.5 times data transmission, accurate identification, stereo surround channel, professional noise cancellation technology, clear separation of tri-band

Other designs: three-frequency ductility, fully enclosed sound chamber design, excessive natural distortion, regaining pure original sound style, sound performance is more stretchy and warm, shocking people’s hearts

Material: high quality soft closed ear cotton, soft and comfortable wrapped ear cover design, excellent sound insulation, soft and delicate touch, better perception and memory of your wearing habits, strong sound surround

Sound quality: large diaphragm area guarantees wide sound field, showing non-destructive quality sound quality, mixed pure woofer, professional headphones, from high-pitched high-pitched sound, full and low bass, to natural and intimate vocals

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