Pink Xbox One Headset Magnetic Stereo LEZI Bluetooth Headset – 4.2 Hanging Neck



Smart Bluetooth 4.2 chip technology: a new upgrade Bluetooth chip, stable signal transmission, support for intelligent HD calls, compatible with a variety of smart Bluetooth devices

Comfortable ear design: ergonomics, fit the auricle design, with soft and delicate silicone ear cap, give you a comfortable wearing experience, but also not easy to fall off

IPX5 waterproof and sweat-proof technology: long-lasting sports, no fear, sweat, headphones, sound port, anti-sweat, weatherproof, hydrophobic, stronger, can meet the needs of strenuous exercise

Magnetic design, easy to store: self-priming design craftsmanship, convenient storage, and become a fashion embellishment

Compatible with a variety of smart devices: compatible with 99% smart Bluetooth devices

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