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【TWS & Comfortable Wearing】True Wireless Stereo’s best feature is wireless, this wireless earbuds is super light, one single earbud only 4g. The wireless earbuds is equipped with 3 pairs of ear caps, large, medium and small, you can choose your own ear caps according to your situation. Soft, flexible ear caps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

【BLUETOOTH 5.0 & One-Step Pairing】With the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, provide fast and stable One-Step connection to you. One-Step pairing , you can seamlessly pair this device to your Bluetooth devices automatically without any problem. simple and instant pairing, auto reconnection.

【Portable Charging Case】The wireless earbuds is equipped with a magnetic charging bin. It takes only two hours to fully charge, and it can be used for 4-5 hours once it is fully charged. After the wireless earbuds is connected to the mobile phone, you can directly see the remaining power of the wireless earbuds in your phone. The power of the charging bin can be checked through the indicator light. One light is about 25% of the power.

【Fantastic Immersive Sound】Wireless earbuds have an active noise reduction function, which can better block the sound of the outside world. Even on noisy buses and subways, you can still enjoy high-quality music without interference from the outside world.

【Excellent Button Control & High Quality Service】The buttons on the wireless earbuds can achieve different functions according to your operation method. Answering the call, switching music, activating the voice assistant, you can use the wireless earbuds to complete, without taking out the phone. For every buyer supporting this wireless earbuds, we promise to offer a 12-month warranty service. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us for quick solution.

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