Razer Nari Wireless Gaming Headset True Wireless Earbuds SIKROX Revolutionary IPX7 Waterproof



TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS: Please remove film on Earbud magnetic charging receptors before charging. It’s very important to read included user manual to understand all options and support before use. SIKROX headphones are cordless and designed without any wires connecting each in-ear headphone. The guaranteed secure fit means you can move freely while you workout, gym exercising, fitness activities, traveling, commute, jog, hike, or yoga. Please contact us to help you fix any issue you might have.

AUTO CONNECT FIRST TIME PAIRING: Make sure to turn off your Bluetooth on all nearby devices, pull out Earbuds from their charging case, place them inside your ears, built-in voice recognition will tell you pairing details, wait 10-15 seconds for them to pair correctly, turn Bluetooth on your device, find SIKROX, connect, and enjoy. If two Bluetooth SIKROX names appear on your phone please see our FAQ page in our profile which shows steps on how to do a hard reset which will resolve most issues.

IPX7 REVOLUTIONARY WATERPROOF EARBUDS: Ideal for running in the rain, use in the shower, sweat resistant, swimming with your head above water, and dustproof! Protected up to 60 minutes at a depth of 1 meter or less. Bluetooth does not work well underwater. This is due to the laws of physics, as water molecules attenuate the signal. We programmed these Earbuds to automatically turn off when underwater. Dry them off before powering back on or placing them inside their charging case.

PORTABLE CHARGER: Our Earbud case doubles as a power bank that can actually charge your phone with its 1600mAh capacity. Earbud charging time is about 40 minutes and enables 4 hours of playtime depending on volume. SIKROX buds are compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, iPhone, Samsung, Android, tablets, computers, stereos, smart TVs, PS4, car audio, and online gaming devices. One-touch controls, Activate intelligent operator, and take phone calls with built-in mic.

HIGH-RESOLUTION AUDIO: SIKROX Earbuds deliver impressive sound however any Earbud is not comparable to over the head earphones which feature huge speakers that cover an entire ear. The advantage our Earbuds have is their sleek in-ear low profile lightweight personality ensuring comfortable secure fit. For their size they deliver unbeatable surround sound with high-res audio tech and Graphene bass shock which offers up to 103 decibels of sound sensitivity with noise-cancellation technology.

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