Sophia Bluetooth Headset Playstation Platinum Headset Review Microphone Sport



[Stable and powerful Bluetooth signal] is not stuck, I think wireless pleasure is fully compatible with mainstream digital products and various APP and mobile applications.

[Sweet Passive Sports Anti-Off] The protective transparent silicone in-line ear hook prevents the earphones from falling off during intense exercise and optimizes the experience of listening to music during exercise.

[Comfortable cavity design] The integrated rear-mounted type fits the ear cavity and is not easy to fall off, perfect for enjoying music.

[Waterproof, sweat-proof, sports] Designed for sports, waterproof and sweat-proof, the IPX7 protection level means that the headphones are not afraid of sweat and rain, so you can enjoy sports and enjoy listening.

[Review the diaphragm and shock the bass] The mini compact headphones contain a large number of technical units, especially the aerospace metal replay diaphragm, which makes the sound clearer and the bass is strong and rhythmic.

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