Turn Off Headset Controls Android Ear Headphones KZ ZS3E Customized HiFi



Ultra low frequency effect display-We have retune the ZS3E bass frequency, highlights the detail signal, rather than deliberately amplifying the bass signal in the music, becaused we know, many professional enthusiast or music lovers like not dreary bass but rich texture and full of powerful bass.

0.75mm 2PIN gold plated pin-Self-developed new plug-in structure with more than 10,000 times plug-in test life, ordinary plug-in headphones only about 300-800 times plug-in life.

Physical noise reduction-Special acoustic structure design: The sound units is set in the Middle rear of the cavity, then transmit a sound signal to the front cavity of the earphone by a customized sound tube.In the absence of playing music, the correct wear can directly isolate about 26dB noise. You can enjoy music quietly by simply adjusting it to about 15-30% of the total volume. The music is smaller and the listening is better.

Ergonomics cavity design-Streamlined appearance and acoustic structure designed according to the shape of the human auricle, bring an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience.

Standard 100 core professional high grade silver plated cable -The hundred-core silver-plated wire is sold for 8$ alone, and the sound effect is improved immediately.

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