WANGCHAO Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headset That Works With Xbox One And Ps4



1. Main functions: magnetic design, HiFi sound quality, comfortable ear, Bluetooth 5.0, CVC noise reduction, anti-sweat waterproof

2. Waterproof design: equipped with waterproof and dustproof plug, effectively preventing domestic water such as sweat and rain, reducing the damage of rain and sweat to the circuit system.

3. Lifetime playback: equipped with a battery capacity of up to 100Amh and low power micro-power technology, playing 8 hours of music, Bluetooth standby 120 hours

4.HIFI sound quality: 10mm copper wire voice coil unit + ultra-thin speaker diaphragm, can effectively optimize the mid-high audio texture and improve audio resolution.

5. Magnetic design: It can be attached and fixed firmly on the neck to prevent the entanglement from falling off. It is also an ornament when not worn.

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