What Headset Does Tfue Use Waterproof Open Ear Chesbung Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones



OPEN EAR DESIGN: Makes safer for running, cycling and driving. Nothing in/on/over your ears.Equipped with Directional Sound Transmission Technology.

Patented Directional Sound Transmission Technology: Almost no sound leakage(Weak sound leaked).Excellent sound quality. Only 26g weight makes you feel more comfortable. Does not feel tired after prolonged wearing.

Durability – It can Isolate sweat and dust during exercise. Hassle-free 1-year warranty.With a complete titanium wraparound, it stays in place through any movements.

Comfortable & Convenient – Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and 8 hours battery time, One of the lightest (only 26g) headphones to date deliver unnoticeable all-day comfort and great multi-device connectivity.

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