Wireless Bluetooth Headset Bass Sport -Eared Running Headset Stereoscopic Noise Reduction Best Headset For Zoom Meetings



(1) fashion body, play magnetic suction, strong no electricity at the same time, but also for you to add magnetic suction function, more convenient, more fun.

(2) Realize knowable, power display, support iOS phones and some Android phones to achieve the display of Bluetooth headset power usage.

(3) intimate intelligent voice prompt, headphones all kinds of state in the heart, more intimate design, switch can, connect, low battery, call number.

(4) one-click line control, child tiger worry-free, line control using unilateral design, voice calls, plus and minus volume, pause cut song, all-round, can drag two, intelligent connection, can connect two devices at the same time, at any time switch, play games, answer the phone two not wrong.

(5) Bluetooth can be used, 3 seconds quick match, compatible with the mobile phone and computer with its own Bluetooth function and digital devices, and all kinds of apps.

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