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?【Minimal Design Concept】No holes on surface ensures minimalist design and simple style. Insisting the principle of utility above anything, we give up unnecessary decorations and focus on using experience. Are you tired of most wireless headphones selling in market look just like Airpods? Having something NEW!

?【Upgraded High-Precision Infrared Sensor】Minimalism appearance with powerful functions. We achieved in-ear detection function, when taking off your earbuds, music would automatically pause and also automatically go on when wearing on. You will not miss any moments.

?【Top Bluetooth 5.1 Chip】The high-performance Bluetooth chip supports ACC and LHDC advanced decoding modes, providing HIFI-level sound quality. It is far ahead of ordinary Bluetooth 5.1 technology regarding connection speed, connection stability, and transmission speed. Amazing 59 milliseconds ultra-low latency realizes real audio and video synchronization!

?【350mAh Large BatteryCapacity and Type-C Super Fast Charge】Compared with the previous generation(175mAh), we doubled the battery capacity to 350mAh. Also upgraded from Micro USB to Type-C fast charge. It only takes an hour to fully charge the headset. A full charge can be used continuously for up to 24 hours, be free for “on the go” .

?【Wide Compatibility & Hands-Free Calling】our headsets can be well connected to almost all electronic devices in the market. Rich smart touch patterns allow you to complete many operations through touching the headset. If there is a call coming, you only need to tap to answer it without taking out your phone. Our earphones can also control the volume. L12 wireless earphones let you to enjoy true wireless life.

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