Xbox One S Headset Not Working Bluetooth Earphone 4.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones



Put a good mobile phone, pose, take pictures, just open the phone camera, press the Bluetooth key to control the phone to take pictures, self-timer more casual

High-definition dual channel is more delicate than the standard sound quality. The good soundproof effect of the earphone allows you to clearly identify the incoming call prompt and not miss every message.

Advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology runs faster than 3.0, better noise reduction and faster transmission

The body is light and lightweight, wear is nothing, wear for a long time is not painful, the whole machine is thin, only 6mm thickness, thinner than the phone, no sense of wear

High-definition microphone with CVC6.0 noise reduction technology, with low noise, good sensitivity, anti-jamming features. Good sound reproducibility, clear delivery of every word you say

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