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?4.1 stereo wireless in-ear dual ear hanging sports Bluetooth headset. The lightweight. APT-X can retain the original audio elements to the greatest extent possible, so that the final compressed audio and files can restore the original details as much as possible. Let the sound quality be close to the CD.

?Bluetooth 4.1 technology, support for connecting Bluetooth devices and stereo hi-fi music playback. The powerful and powerful technology of the Bluetooth 4.1 technology version has made the H10’s powerful signal strength, making the long-distance call sound

?clearer and easier to talk. The industry’s high version of Bluetooth noise reduction technology features lower noise, higher sensitivity and stronger anti-interference, improving sound quality during calls. Close to the ear canal, which is good for bass performance.

?Listening to the song and answering the phone, supporting listening to the song and answering the call,There are two kinds of voice prompts in the English version, the Chinese version, and the customer service description is normal. The shipment is in Chinese, you can switch to English, Chinese version, you can switch between Chinese and English, wait for pairing when booting, double-click the button to switch between Chinese, English and language! ,When the Bluetooth headset is connected to th

?intelligent compatibility: support all mobile phones with Bluetooth function, tablet, notebook, sing bar, music, movies, etc., 95% of the universal mobile phone,transmission distance: 10 meters noise reduction: DSP intelligent noise cancellation technology built-in high-definition microphone products Sound quality: HD high-definition sound quality,can achieve one drag and two functions, and two mobile phones at the same time.

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