Bluetooth Headset Shure Headset Mic Sports Waterproof Noise Reduction Wireless



LED digital display smart screen. Abandon the traditional indicator mode, bid farewell to the inaccurate power, upgrade the smart display, thd battery is accurate to 1%.

Lightweight design. Same as the Bluetooth headset, i want to be half lighter. Ligtweight, high-strength material construction. A sigle earphone is only 3g,

Bluetooth 5.0 technology can significantly improve the power consumption optimization and signal. Long battery life. It can also improve the signal stability of the Bluetooth headset. Pairing +boot memory multiplexing is easier to use.

Ergonomic design stable and comfortable to wear. Ergonomic design for a safe and stable wearing experience.

New smart technology that is triggered by different gestures different instructions are easy to operate, precise control, and get rid of traditional entity buttons. The uncomfortable feeling brought by the key control makes you enjoy the intelligence.

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