Bluetooth Headset Two-Ear Movement Cotini Wireless Best Wireless Microphone Headset



(1) Stealth small, comfortable, small size, easy to hide, difficult to detect, anytime and anywhere to liberate your entertainment nature, sitting on what you want to do, no longer need to suppress their own nature.

(2) wear comfortable, ergonomics many times improved design, the use of ear-in-ear structure, natural fit to the ear canal, long-term admiration will not feel uncomfortable.

(3) Game sound without delay, farewell sound in the picture out of sync, fast-moving game experience, such as; gunfire, footsteps, aircraft sound, let you be in the rain of guns.

(4) waterproof and sweat-proof, fearless of rain, whether it is sweaty sports or rainy travel, can bring you a normal listening experience.

(5) So Bluetooth can be connected, strong compatibility, as long as the phone has Bluetooth can be connected, whether ITOrS or Android and other compatible.

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