Headset With Microphone For Ipad ear Bluetooth Headset Touch Screen Display



This Bluetooth headset uses the latest Bluetooth V5.0 chip to increase transmission speed, providing high-resolution stereo bass and clear, high-quality sound, and provides a great music experience while driving.

With the new CVC 8.0 intelligent noise reduction technology, even in a noisy environment, you can fully devote yourself to music, and the ear is the sky.

You can charge headphones or other chargers, and then easily connect headphones up to 10 meters when you remove them from the portable charging box.

The newly added power display, the charging compartment and the headphone power are clear at a glance, and can also be used as a mobile phone holder to support all types of mobile phones.

Headphones compact mini, true wireless design, get rid of tangles, enjoy music, enjoy music events on the street, gym, consider value and sound quality, and flexibly integrate into everyday collocation.

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