Small light Long battery life Ear Audio Bluetooth 3.5 Mm Microphone For Headset



【Small and invisible, comfortable to wear】 Ergonomics, fits the auricle, 30° oblique into the ear, excellent sound insulation effect, 3 kinds of ear caps can be adjusted freely and comfortable to wear

【The sound is outstanding】 Pure HIFI-grade full-frequency moving coil, DSP high-definition noise reduction, graphene composite diaphragm, full-frequency anti-biological unit, three-layer composite structure acoustics, taking into account the rich details of life already solid bass, precise acoustic measurement system, real Also the beauty of sound.

【Power display】LED smart digital display, charging bin percentage power display, left and right ear LED power display.

【IPX5 waterproof】 Daily life-level waterproofing, outdoor sports on cloudy and rainy days, the gym to sweat as much as you want.

【Multifunctional charging compartment】 It comes with a large-capacity charging compartment, which can not only power the headset, but also serve as an emergency power bank.

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